RANRAN DESIGN was born out of passion for interior design and taste for the handmade. The founder and chief designer, Bethlehem, combined her extensive background in interior-styling design and fashion with her dreams and passions to create RANRAN DESIGN.

    Inspired by the tropical nature and travels around the world, our Contemporany Macrame and Textile work have the charm and individuality of the handmade and the vintage feel, combined with a modern twist.

    Our mission is to create beautiful wall art and accessories with minimum impact on the environment, while maintaining great quality designs and supporting small and local businesses. 

   " We design products to become classics and hope you love them for how they look and specially for how they have been made"

    The name "RANRAN" comes from what affectionately became the nickname of Bethlehem´s father. It represents the sound of the motorcycle he rode around his home town (Spain)  and that always announced his arrival home at night. The name was given to the company representing the inspiration and love that those memories carry with them.

Belen Senra, founder & designer