New Flag Tapestries

After several months working on the design together with Rocio Olmo we finally launched our new capsule collection of these amazing Flag Tapestries, you can bring the wild outdoors inside with these wall throws, printed with large scale artwork. Made from mix cotton, this is ideal for transforming beds, walls or sofas into something spectacular.

Inspired by what we love in life Rocio and me share the same vision for product and Interior Design (our background), we love beach lifestyle and fill our world with color and these is what you´ll find on our productions together!

Available at my shop online!

belen senra

Ran Ran was born out of passion for interior design and taste for the handmade. After eight years of working in the fashion industry at big-name companies like Zara and Diesel, Bethlehem decided to undertake an endeavor of her own and create a signature expression through yarn and found objects. It is here where she found her true calling. Meticulous attention to detail has been given to each piece, which is entirely handmade by Bethlehem at her atelier in Barcelona. Ran Ran is what had affectionately become her father's nickname, representing the sound of the nights when he rode his motorcycle to her mother's home in courting. To signify the same pursuit of love, and impetus we all have to weave together the raw from which we craft our lives, she has chosen it as both an inspiring guiding light and a symbol representing her work. With the label, Bethlehem creates unique, handwoven wall hangings and accessories using the highest quality natural materials. Inspired by nature and her travels around the world, her work has the charm and individuality of the handmade and the vintage feel together with a modern twist.