I just arrived from Galicia my hometown, and being lucky to meet professional people from textile field and also get immerse in my celtic roots.

I´ve been looking into Galician traditional textile and I visited an amazing studio, she is a british textile artist in love with our nature and peace and together with her partner (basketmaker) built this lovely space when people can assist to workshops surrounded by such a peaceful environment , the area is called Riverira Sacra famous for the quality wine.

One of the most traditional technique here in Galicia is called "felpa galega" (see above), Weavers made cushions, blankets...and it was a really laborious work, the tradition says that the mother in-law should give away this blanket for her son weeding (this happened to may sister ) (I don´t think I´ll get one, as my bf is not galician :) it was also taken as a gift for migrants going to America.

Anna took this technic and other and use it with modern design, the result is a super technic piece that only Anna can teach how to do it cause she also invent new ways to weave, she is a master!!