Macrame Wall Art by Belen Senra

New Macrame wall art collection

These days I´m working in an exciting new collection with a new comtemporany touch. I make also the styling and art direction of the following photos.

I hope you enjoy it.


Last month I´ve been working on some new projects with natural dyes here in North Thailand.

These are the pictures where you can see the tonos of colors we can get from NATURE!! and also the name of each in case you want to try at home. There are some sites online selling it for those like me that don´t have an amazing garden full of diversity :)

Here some links:

Pictures taken during my staying at Naenna Studio in Chiang Mai, a great place to share and learn about Thai textile if you have the chance to visit this North area.

MACRAME in North Thailand

I´ve been traveling all around Thailand for about 4 months already and creating what I called Thai Garden Collection, pieces combined with regional textile from different tribes in the North of the country. Thailand is a country where I was before and really love the way of life, this was one of the reasons of coming to develop new collections although some other Asian countries are in the route!

Here I share some pictures of the macrame wallhangings I just finished and really look gorgeous even more when we contribute with the local economies. 


Just arrived from Vietnam and the experience with Hmong tribe was so warm, having lunch in their houses and leraning different techniques as beewax, batik, indigo dyeing and how to shine it with stones.....Everything just at the border with China, I also had the chance to adquire exclusive pieces as a metal necklace that they wear since they are kids and a vintage kimono from "Red Head tribe" which will become into a new collection soon as they are all super inspiring pieces!

In the pictures, Indigo plants, typical backpack basket that they use to carry their stuff, typical textile and vintage belts, and the Master woman who teach me all the techniques!

"Inspire by this featuring" & Paris Belisn Bodas

Last month I just worked colaborating together with Paris Berlin Bodas for a beautiful shooting with macrame as the main deco and copper details with pink! These images were shared with making a beautiful featuring.

A sophisticated and decilated wedding with a chic touch! Definitelly wedding and macrame match perfect!

Before and after dyeing

This week I just received a commissioned piece using peach, silver and blue-grey as a palette color. I must say I´m always so excited about the result! I love the piece natural but when I follow clients instuctions there is always a love feeling inside! The feeling of making the perfect #macrame wallhanging for the client! and the feeling of making a piece that will become classic!


Working on some bags prototipes using same rope as in wall hangings! The idea born after being invited to participate in the Festivalet the biggest craft fair in Barcelona where people go to buy presents for I just decided to produce more atractive and small pieces, and just pop into my mind some accessories made with the rope and even with left overs.

I love making new product and not only tapestry as I´m a person with design background. Macramé became a part of me but I´m sure I´ll be trying some new techniques and not only textile as I love furniture, working with wood, ceramic .... I can say "the best is yet to come" :)

Shooting with the beautiful Miri Daniella from Timisoara

Shooting with the beautiful Miri Daniella from Timisoara

Oysho pop up store Tarifa

We want to share the new Oysho pop up store opening in Tarifa, and share some pictures with our plant hangers installation and also the Party hanging! An easy way to add a natural and summer touch to any space!